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Arda Zaman

Javascript Developer

Javascript Developer

I am a developer based in the Ankara/Turkey and I have been building noteworthy websites and web applications for years, which comply with the latest javascript trends.

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Arda Zaman | Senior Javascript Developer
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Javascript Developer in Cressoft Consultancy

I am Senior Javascript Developer based in the Ankara/Turkey. I have been building noteworthy websites and web applications for years, which comply with the latest javascript trends.

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  • first name : Arda
  • last name : Zaman
  • address : Ankara
  • From : Turkey
  • Age : 27 years

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Bachelor of Computer Science(#ERASMUS)
Lublin University of Technology / February 2016 - June 2016

I have been studied in Lublin University of Technology as an Erasmus Student for short time.

Bachelor of Computer Engineering
Suleyman Demirel University / 2013 - 2018

I have been graduated from Computer Engineering departmant of Suleyman Demirel University


Frontend Developer (Remote - Contract)
Cressoft Consultancy / October 2022 - ∞

I have been worked on a few projects on Project Desc: My first project was a social media platform which was focused on Education. Frontend Tech Stack: ReactJS and Mui in frontend.

Project Desc: My second project was an B2B Ecommerce website which we used ReactJS on it. Frontend Tech Stack: ReactJS and Mui in frontend.

Project URL: Click Here
Project Desc: The third project that I am still working on is a whiteboard project. Users can draw shapes, lines, textboxes on whiteboard, users are able to interact with them. There are so many features that I cannot listed here :). Please check the project url for more details.
Frontend Tech Stack: ReactJS, Redux, Fabric.js, Scss etc..

Full-Stack Developer (Remote - Self Employment)
Sanatkardan / April 2022 - ∞

Project URL: Click Here
Project Desc: I am coding and leading the Tech. Side (Frontend + Backend + RN Mobile Application)
Tech stack: ReactJS, Redux, Storybook, Ant Design, NodeJS, MongoDB, GraphQL, Webpack and Docker. We are also using micro-frontend approach with module federation feature of Webpack 5.

Fullstack Javascript Developer (Remote - Self Employment)
Sanatkardan / December 2020 - April 2022
Javascript / React Developer
Jotform / June 2018 - April 2022

First 5 months, I was being a part of the Maintenance team. I resolved bugs and implemented a few small projects.

After 5 months, I have been carried to the Payment Integration team. The team was responsible for the improving product management, implementing new payment integrations and maintaining over 30 payment gateway integrations.

I implemented several gateways but PayPal Commerce Platform and Stripe Checkout were the most popular ones. At JotForm, The technologies that I used are ReactJS, Redux, VanillaJS, PHP and MySQL.

Frontend Developer (UI + Javascript) (Remote)
Gigbi / October 2017 - March 2018

This was my first professional job experience. Shortly before I graduated from the university, I coded all UI parts of the

The tech stack of the Frontend was: CSS3, Bootstrap 4, Sass, jQuery

Freelance Projects
∞ - 2018

I worked many freelance projects during my studentship. Unfortunately, none of them is accessible for now.

Head of Computer Society
IEEE - Computer Society / February 2017 - June 2017

After a few membership year, I took responsibility and I was head of the society. My team and I organised conferences, and gave technical courses to students. I want to share a few pictures belongs to these great years...


Graphic Designer
IEEE - Computer Society / 2015 - 2017

In my membership years, I was responsible of the Graphic Designs of society needs. I designed the society logo.


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Frontend Skills

Javascript (ES6+)
React Native

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Always available for freelance work if the right project comes along, Feel free to contact me!